October mixtape: happy holidays.

It’s Halloween season! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Fall is my favorite season, and Halloween is my favorite holiday! Call me basic, but seeing the leaves change and feeling the crisp morning air is magical and you can fight me.  

Being a grown-up is lame and terrible. We are encouraged to be creative, but only when it comes to serving capitalism. We are told to dress a certain way and act a certain way if we want to be taken seriously. We are told that to build the life we want we should follow a rigid set of social rules. But what about using a little magic to help us get there? What if we got to be imaginative and creative in all parts of our lives?  We aren’t encouraged to see magic and wonder in the things around us or to ask too many questions about the unknown. Halloween is one of the only times where adults get to be creative and come up with costumes and assume that there is more to this world than what we see. There are magical things underneath and around us. During Halloween we get to embrace all the ghosts and witches and spooky things that we don’t understand but that we feel pulling and pushing us every day. We can pretend to be other people and other things and have fun and eat copious amounts of mini chocolate bars, and this behavior is applauded and encouraged. I wish it could be like that all the time.

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I struggle with the pressure to be endlessly positive and joyful all the time. I get tired of the constant messages to look on the bright side of life. Looking into the darkness is way more appealing to me. I think the dark things around us, our fears, are what move us to be better people. The myths and legends and scary things that we believed in when we were children didn’t go away. Those things are still with us, we have just convinced ourselves that they are silly. I still believe in those things. I still believe in ghosts. Not always in the spooky bump-in-the-night kind of way but in the way that I know my ancestors are with me and they move with me in life. Halloween is a time to look into the darkness and the unknown and find joy in it. For me, that is way more interesting and inspires me to be creative in the best ways.  And I love anything pumpkin flavored, so that helps too.

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Ireland is rich with myth and legend. The landscape here is full of markers from ancestors, and I choose to see them instead of explaining it away with facts and science and common sense. I feel very much in my witchy self here and the cloudy days are starting to grow on my soul. To celebrate this wonderful time, I made a playlist of some of my favorite gloomy tunes. Some of them are standard Halloween classics, and others are just songs that make me think about the grown-up fears I have. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that the terrifying things of life have more to do with love, relationships, and self-realization than vampires or flying broomsticks. Obsession and pain and loneliness and desperation is the stuff of nightmares. Some of these songs are about that. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Halloween! (also don’t be anything racist because that is so tired. When you have the option to be anything you want for a day or night, why would you choose to mock the culture and traditions of people around you?).