March Mixtape: bottom shelf tequila

I wanted to get two posts up this week. I’ve been working on a piece that I think will be excellent (if it sucks, please keep that information to yourself), but I want to make sure all my receipts are in order before I post it. This week got away from me, and now it is Friday, and I didn’t reach my two posts weekly goal. I wanted to make it up to myself, so I made you the 2017 version of a mixtape.

This is a collection of songs that I was listening to about ten years ago. I was 17/18ish. If you were even in my college dorm room, this is probably what you were hearing. If you ever made the mistake of offering me a ride, this was probably what I demanded you play. If you ever saw me at a party, this is what I was probably drunkenly yelling at the DJ to turn on. In addition to this, I kept a steady flow of Daft Punk, Beyonce, and assorted others that have stood the test of time, but these were my jams as a young college student who partied way too much. If you find yourself confused about anything included, just know that my psychedelic use was heavy, so I don’t even really know either. What music were you listening to ten years ago? Do you still listen to it? I want to know.

Anyway. This playlist is called bottom shelf tequila, and I hope you like it.  Have a good weekend!

PS – Read this beautiful piece sometime.