At the Bus Stop

I have been having fun filming and posting video recordings of my poems. Due to Covid-19, there are fewer opportunities to share my work. Even before Covid I had a hard time attending reading or events for accessibility reasons. Using Instagram as a platform has helped me feel more confident about my poetry.

I wrote this poem when I was in the early stages of losing my mobility. It happened quickly, one day I was walking and able to leave the house and the next I couldn’t even get out of bed without assistance. I felt like the world was pushing me out, but that experience prepared me well for quarantine.

There are so many people living with chonic pain or other illnesses that make leaving the house challenging, and I learned so much from reading their stories and hearing about their day to day lives. It made me feel like I wasn’t overreacting to what was happening to my body. It was ok for me to feel angry and like what was happening to me was unfair. It was ok for me to grieve my old life.

This poem was written while I was in the middle of this big change. I’m definately in a better place about the new pace of my life as a wheelchair user. I thought I would share this poem for anyone who is feeling alone and missing and grieving for their old life during this strange time. Enjoy!